What book kept YOU up last night?


In my quest to read and promote new and incredible YA authors, I’m looking for some recommendations.

So if you’ve read a YA recently that you just couldn’t put down, come and recommend it.  We’ve all read Twilight, but what about all those great books that get left in the dust?  A debut novel gives you extra points, your own novel, even more.  I’m looking mostly for great books that are still warm from the oven but older books are good too.  So post!  Tell me what you are reading!  I have only one request… No vampires PLEASE!

Happy reading,



6 Replies to “What book kept YOU up last night?”

  1. Rover, a story about a young girl and her dog taken as slaves by a band of Vikings was a really good read. The author, French, did an excellent job of mixing historical fact and fiction.

  2. Wow. They all sound great. Thanks for the replies! I’ve heard a lot of good things about 13 Reasons Why… been on my list of books to read for awhile. Can’t wait to check them all out. Keep them coming!

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