New YA Writing Contest!

7th ”Dear Lucky Agent” Contest: Young Adult

Time for the seventh (free!) “Dear Lucky Agent” Contest on the GLA blog. This is a recurring online contest… this time around the prize is a critique of your first ten pages. Invaluable. This contest is specifically geared toward YA writers. So get ready…

Submit the first 150-200 words of your unpublished YA novel. Paste more than that and you’re out!  E-mail entries to No attachments! Make sure to include your name and contact info and a logline along with your first 150-200 words. Also… You must mention the contest twice through social media blogs OR mention the contest once and add to your blogroll –

Provide link(s) so the judge can verify eligibility. 

The contest will run from October 21st 2010-November 3rd 2010.



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