Focus Friday: New Agent

Madeleine Raffel, graduate of Harvard with a degree in art history and social anthropology, joined Hannigan Salky Getzler Agency in May of 2011. According to Backspace Writers Conference, (which I attended in May of 2010 and met some great writer friends, agents and authors – including A.S. King – who is brilliant, by the way) Madeleine is looking to expand her list of clients who focus on YA, MG, as well as adult fiction and non-fiction.

“She is especially interested in YA contemporary fiction with diverse viewpoints, MG adventure with heart and a sense of humor, and commercial women’s fiction with strong characters and effortless writing. In non-fiction, she’s always on the lookout for projects having to do with food, art, or a global perspective.”

She can be reached at mraffel (at)

Have experience with Madeleine? Leave a note!


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