Ew. Massages.

So I finished my edits and turned them in today, and to reward myself, I went to get a massage (to this place I’ve never been… $39 special!) (BEWARE OF THE $39 SPECIAL.) cuz my neck was killing me. And while I was there, the massage therapist comes out of one of the rooms and tells the owner that the man is asking for an under-the-cover massage? And then it got awkward and it’s like they just realized I was there, and the owner said, “Yeah, tell him we don’t do that here.” And I’m thinking… what if she only said that because I was there?! And so I’m thinking about it all during the massage, damn it! Ew. Quiet down mind, quiet down.

But seriously, why would the owner send the therapist back in there?!

Call the cops on the dude, sheesh.

And also, I think the shmuck should have had to pay for my massage…



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