How I Got My Agent

Okay, so I’ll skip the eight years of writing nearly every day… the queries, the submissions, the hope and ultimately, the rejections, and get right down to it.

Wait. No. Actually, that part of the story is important, I think. Because, as much as I wanted things to happen then, after writing that first book, honestly, I don’t think I was ready. It wasn’t just my writing that needed work – it was me.

All the things they say about rejection are true – that you have to fail in order to succeed. That with every “no” you’re that much closer to the “yes.” That is, if you learn something from the process.

I’ll admit it, those early rejections hurt, but as I began to gain confidence in my writing, something in me began to transform. The rejections hurt less and less. I started to believe that my work had value whether I was published or not. Writing has made me who I am no matter if others see value in it, or not. And an added bonus? Writing has really helped me to think about the world in a different way, too. It has helped me to see things from the eyes of others. Another added bonus? Writing has made me care less about what others think of me. I don’t know why. Maybe doing something that makes you happy means you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone else.

Yeah, all that aside, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t shaking after I got, “The Call.” After all these years believing that what I was doing had value, it felt GREAT to know someone else felt that way, too. It did.

I was sitting at the public desk at the library where I work when my cell phone buzzed in my pocket. It was a 212 area code, (NYC?) but being at the desk, I couldn’t answer. “Telemarketer,” I whispered to myself. “Don’t get all excited, now.”

But there was that little voice that said, “Well, maybe?”

Well, no. It was a Big Voice that said, “Holy crap, what if?!?!”

So, yeah, I excused myself from the desk and listened to the message in the public restroom. (“Hi, this is Christa Heschke from McIntosh and Otis and I truly fell in love with this…”) I’m sure I freaked out a few patrons with my squeals. A few minutes later, I was back at the desk, and didn’t utter a word to anyone. I don’t know why. Maybe I wanted to keep it just a little bit sacred, for awhile. Also, it wasn’t official, yet. The message said she loved the project and wanted to speak to me. But what if she just wanted to chat?

I came up with a few things I wanted to discuss, then got off work, but I didn’t go home. Instead, I pulled over in a busy grocery store parking lot and returned her call.

And she said those magic words, “I’d like to offer representation.”

Holy. Crap.

I told her I needed to get back to her, that I had other agents considering the manuscript, but I think I knew then, in my heart, that she was The One. In the end, I did receive another offer, but I didn’t feel the same connection I did with the grocery store parking lot agent.

So, I said, “YES!”

I’m so happy to be working with the talented, insightful and patient Christa Heschke of McIntosh and Otis!


4 Replies to “How I Got My Agent”

  1. Congrats! Grocery store parking lot agent makes for an awesome story. Although I don’t know how you even held yourself together to wait that long. πŸ™‚

    I found your blog through Literary Rambles Agent Spotlight on Christa. I got a partial request from her during Pitchfest, so as I nervously wait, I decided to do some cyberstalking. Thanks for sharing your story!

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