Writing Through Emotional Noise

I think the hardest part of writing is… just, you know, writing.

It’s the… learning how to turn off certain parts of your brain and actually write.

Many of us decide to wait for when the time is right… or we think that when life gets quieter, we’ll finally find the time to sit down and write and something will Happen. If we stare at that blank screen for long enough, some epiphany will explode inside our minds.

I always thought that.
Maybe I still think that, you know, that when I have less distractions, that’s when I’ll get really productive.

“Life’s too busy today, maybe I’ll just wait until tomorrow…”

But, strangely, this past year, when my life has been chaotic beyond belief: new job, my dog passing away 😦 , working through a divorce (although amicable), and simply, just, life… this was the year that I wrote the book people seem to connect to. This is the year I felt I never had enough time to write, and that I wasn’t taking it seriously enough. This was the year when I didn’t have hours ahead of me to write, but instead, I stole it in bits and pieces. Even though I’ve been writing for a good 8 years, this was the year when it was the most difficult to concentrate on the work before me.

But at the same time, with all that stuff going on, I think my brain sort of got it, what writing is all about. You know…

Finding that emotional connection.
Being real.
Allowing characters to hurt, allowing them to work through that hurt…
Letting others know, through characters that you’ve created, that they are not alone.

That’s what it’s all about.

So even if you can’t do it for hours a day… just a little here. And there.
And even if you’re working through life’s stuff.
Especially when you’re working through life’s stuff.

Just write.

Do it under the covers before you get out of bed in the morning. Do it in the bathroom with the door closed, or in the car of the thrift store parking lot, or on a train…

Because a year later you might just turn around and say, whoa, did I write That? You might just surprise yourself with what you can do with those little moments, even with all that emotional noise trying to steal away your time and your thoughts and your sanity.

NEXT: Writing is Not Therapy. Nope.

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