When Your Book is on Submission

Well, looks like it’s time for my lil bebe (this lil book) to go out on her own for a bit. Agent’s happy with the revisions and is beginning to submit it to editors at the publishing houses. I guess now is the time where I stay calm on the outside and FREAK OUT from within.

On a side note, I’ve been dropping things, lotsa things… and also frantically cleaning house. (Right. I’m not really cleaning house THAT much – I’m no neat freak.) But also, I’ve decided to try to enjoy the summer. I watched a movie with a ton of F bombs in it last night, (ok, only half of it before I fell asleep) I bought a train ticket to go visit my sister and her artist-y friends in KC, I’m dog sitting this cute little min pin for a couple of weeks, and tonight, I’m going to book club on the beach. So… I currently have the very difficult job of trying to figure out which fruity adult beverage to bring and to share.

And, of course, there’s the writing. I’ve dusted off an old manuscript and discovered it’s a bit flowery for my current tastes, so I’m edging it up a bit. Soon I’ll send it off to my agent, Christa, to see what she thinks.

Oh, and I’m thinking ’bout putting on a party hat and taking up baton again. I used to have really mad skills, as you can see…

baton skills

Other than that, does anyone have some great ideas on how to keep from going batty when your book is on submission?


One Reply to “When Your Book is on Submission”

  1. I sent in my newest revision to Christa and am waiting also. Doing the same thing, twiddling my thumbs, trying to enjoy the summer… But I’ve read some great books and am planning to visit my sister, too. And working on a MS.

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