Q & A

So, what’s your writing process like?

Well, I try to write everyday, usually in the morning. But unless I’ve just done some intense brainstorming or something, I always think that I have zero ideas for the day. So, I’ll start by reading what I worked on the day before. Usually that’s enough to get me into the story and before I know it I’m adding full scenes. My daily word count ranges anywhere from, um, 3 to a few thousand. Usually somewhere in between.

Cool. What inspires you to write?

I think sometimes I understand the world best when writing about it. Sometimes I write about things that I didn’t even realize was bothering me at the time. Like, injustice, I guess. Isolation. Misunderstanding. I think a lot of people are misunderstood, and there is a LOT of thoughtless judgment that gets thrown around (which I think is typically cased on fear). Of course, the pattern is repeated, and repeated. I feel like reading and writing are one of the best ways to be compassionate – to force a person to slow down and think. It’s my way of trying to break the cycle.

What were you like as a child?

Weird. I liked to dress up in paper bags. I liked to hide. I remember what the inside of my closet felt like. I liked to wander off. My house was surrounded on three sides by cornfields, so I would often wander in and get lost. My dad once cut a hole in the floor in the living room, so we could escape and jump into the basement when we felt like it. I think sometimes he understood me. I would also do cartwheels barefoot in the yard until the whole world began to spin. Maybe I’ve always been trying to escape reality.

Do you have time for another question?

Eh, maybe later. The brownies are calling.